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EXPOSED DC 2.0 will be held on the 21st of March 2018 in Washington DC.

EXPOSED is a creative portrait and wedding photography workshop.

Discuss Gear: Preferred settings for certain scenarios and why. What I use, when I use and why I use.
Extensive discussion on my approach: Thought process, what I look for and how I execute (composition) with lots of examples, making photographs vs taking photographs, how to see.
Discuss documentary photography, staying in the moment, finding stories
Extensive discussion on techniques: Light Painting, Multiple Exposures, Perspective Control and others
Why I don't scout and can shoot anywhere. How to build this ability as well.
Why less is more, why I sometimes limit my options.
Open forum: Ask me anything. 
Live Shoot: How I approach a scene, posing, drawing inspiration from the environment and clients.
Image critiques.