Becky + Jake - A Prince William Forrest Park Wedding || Best Wedding Photographers in Washington DC and Virginia

When Becky and I first spoke the first thing she said was her wedding would not be a traditional one. Nothing gets me more excited than knowing a client will be throwing new challenges my way, giving me a new experience and challenging my ability to preserve these moments in time.  For starters we had to go camping and stay in cabins, now I am NOT built for the outdoors, I like my airconditioning, my sealed doors and windows to keep the creepy crawlers and ambient noises of the great outdoors out. But hey it was a new experience so I was up for it. The first night there was a lot of food and square dancing and the next day they had Art, games and relaxation prior to the wedding. This was definitely one of my favorite weddings of the year, I loved that it was a zig on the zag of traditional weddings. I look forward to documenting new refreshing experiences like these in the years to come. Becky, Jake, their friends and family were truly amazing, here are a few of my favorites photographs from their wedding day.