In The Year Two Thousand & Fifteen: Best of 2015 || Washington DC Wedding Photographers

2015 was a pretty interesting year for me, it was one of immense growth and vast learning. During the year I learned a lot about myself as a photographer, completely embraced my vision and my approach to photography while limiting external influences and relying heavily on my unique voice. I was invited on several occasions to speak about photography and created my first creative portraiture workshop , so it's safe to say that 2015 was a year of living outside of comfort zones. I was privileged to photograph some amazing couples and weddings and really look forward to what 2016 has in store. 

"Best" is extremely subjective, what we consider our best images will differ from person to person unless judged by a standard set of rules but what fun will that be? The images presented here are my favorites for many reasons, some being their technical complexity, the circumstances in which they were created, the realization of a vision, what I was experiencing at the time when they were created, the visual impact of the images, how the images make me feel and what they stand for. Here are my favorite images from 2015.