Shari + Darrell - A UMD Love Story || Washington DC Wedding Photographers

One of the many jobs of a wedding photographer is to pay attention to the details, not just the typical stuff like the flower arrangements, the decor, something blue, something borrowed or the dress. The minor details, those often gone unnoticed. A subtle smile, a deep breath, a bride fiddling with her ring because she's anxious. We are meant to notice these things, these are the little details that truly tell your story. When I photographed Shari and Darrell's Engagement session I noticed quite a bit. In between creating stunning images I was able to see them as a couple, how he gently touched her, how he made her feel warm inside and most importantly how they both made each other laugh. That laughter was electrifying, the joy they shared together was contagious, just being around their happiness made me happy. I have never been around a more compatible couple. Every relationship has it's ups and downs but their ups look extremely promising. Their wedding day was not short of such emotions, they laughed, they cried and they looked ever so classy while doing it all. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day.