Shaun + Tosin - A Landsdowne Resort Wedding|| Virginia Wedding Photographers

This is a special one, it goes back to my very first paid job. Tosin was my first client, I photographed his 30th birthday party and once he received his photos, he booked his wedding. The one thing I remember him saying was go and practice, seeing how at that time I had only professionally shot his party. Well I have had quite a bit of practice since then and I have brought almost everything I've learned to this wedding. 

The day started off pretty eventful, it rained all morning and being an outdoor wedding we prepared for the worst. As time passed the clouds cleared, the downpour seized and things started to look promising. Oh! and how promising they were.

Shaun and Tosin were great to work with, they made the photography component of their wedding a huge priority and that made things run smoothly for me. Here is their fabulous wedding story.