Ellie + Brent - A Washington DC Proposal and Engagement Session at the National Mall || Best Wedding Photographers in Washington DC

Where do I begin? 
Brent reached out to me, excited about proposing to Ellie, he had been planning this for a while and wanted it to go down without a hitch; it had to be a perfect surprise. As you may know it's Cherry Blossom Festival time in DC and where did Brent pick as the location for this covert operation? You guessed it, the National Mall.

To creatively & artistically document a proposal privately in a not so private location at one of the busiest times of the year, while remaining undetected by Ellie and keeping the crowds out of the photo's.  

Massive crowds, harsh sunlight & parking lol. I hadn't met Brent and had to identify them from a distance. I wasn't sure exactly where he was going to do it, my cue was he would hold both her hands, but once we got closer to the location it became pretty obvious to me. This was so much fun, it really did feel like a military operation. Turns out Brent is actually in the Navy.

Here is their Proposal.

I guaranteed Brent that the last photo would not make it to the blog.. but honestly It just shows how much fun they are and I had to include it!