EXPOSED DC: The Workshop || Best Photographers in Washington DC

Hosted 16 professional photographers at my recently concluded Exposed DC, a wedding and portrait photography workshop. It was a really great experience for me, sharing my knowledge and thought process with other creatives, getting to see how my ideologies were received was really rewarding. I am thankful to all those who took time out of their busy schedules and to those who came from various parts of the country to attend. The workshop lasted a total of 8hrs, with the focus of the class being on building the ability to "SEE". We discussed various photography techniques I use, equipment - the what, when and why's of lenses. We talked about composition, why I do not scout locations and can literally shoot anywhere and how to build that ability. I further demonstrated that with a live shoot, photographing a couple I have never met, in a location I have never seen which also was a less than favorable location for your standard engagement session. This really was to show how we do not need to rely on fancy locations and perfect light to create compelling images. Most times the absence of those things will force you to channel your inner creativity. If you would are interested in finding out when the next workshop would be please signup HERE.  Here are some of my photos from our live shoot.