Vacaciones en la República Dominicana || Washington DC Wedding Photographers

With hectic work schedules, every now and then it's nice to take some time off and relax. We decided to visit the Dominican Republic, so we took a week off and made arrangements. We had a connecting flight in Miami and decided to spend the night there and continue to DR the next day. 

The people of Puerto Plata are really interesting, extremely trusting and friendly, something I'm not really used to, especially having grown up in Nigeria :-) . Not to "throw shade" on Nigeria but trust isn't the first relationship you establish when you first come in contact with a stranger. I'm guessing they are all wearing the tourist attraction hats, but whatever the case it was pleasant. We made some really cool friends at the airport and ended up spending most of our time together, Matt and Alissa were awesome. 

We were fortunate to take a city tour and visit the Brugal Rum Factory, The Puerto Plata Church, A Larimer Jewelry Store and Cigar Factory, a couple of souvenir shops, Fortaleza San Felipe and the Teleferico cable car tour. Oh, we also spent some time on the beach.