The Journey | Washington DC Wedding Photographer

On May 22nd I embarked on a Journey that would forever change my life, it wasn't some crazy expedition to the end of the world or anything fancy like that. It was my journey to being united with my future life partner, basically I was getting married . I decided to take my camera along and take photos that will serve as reminders of what the few days leading to and the fews days after were like, a behind the scenes if you will. We all get to see wedding photos but never see the leading up to wedding photos. This kicks off in Hanover, MD at a restaurant where me and my Best Man Mide are having lunch right before we make the drive to Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Day two kicks off with more prep, Steph was up early finalizing our wedding programs as well as all the other details that went into the wedding. Few may know this but she was pretty much responsible for either making or designing everything that went into this wedding. She hand made all the invitations, menus, programs, save the dates and decorated both the ceremony and various aspects of the reception. Quite the wedding planner if you ask me. 

Day three was the wedding. My good friend Douglas Polle held that down. You can see our wedding story on his blog. I did however get a few shots of my own. The ceremony photo featured here was shot by Doug.

Yay! We are married now, so the rest of our time is spent on a road trip with 3 of our awesome friends to Miami from Wilkes-Barre to kind of wind down, after a stressful few months of prep. We head back to Maryland to pick up the rental car and keep heading to Miami. We made several stops for gas and food and Mide ordered an omelet with no eggs (you read that correctly). It was over a 15hr drive in total and it was awesome.

And here's where it gets weird.. Next morning we head out for some breakfast and to the beach.. we are approached by this guy trying to sell a double sided dildo he found on the beach for $5. Someone failed to hear that he "FOUND" it on the beach. 

Next day we are off to the Florida Keys, Islamorada Island and Sombrero beach.

Finally we spent our last day in Fort Lauderdale and headed back to MD the next morning.