Khabria + LaMar - An Elegant Wedding at the Overhills Mansion || Best Wedding Photographers in Maryland

Every time you blog a wedding the hard part is coming up with something new, fun and creative to say about the couple. This one is one of the easier ones for me, I LOVE LaMar and Khabria and I consider them extremely lucky to have found each other. Here are two people who are doing it for the right reasons. As a Photographer/documentary photographer you rely on your power of observation and attention to detail to tie in various elements in your photograph to successully tell a story. But outside of pressing the shutter and making a photograph you also read body language, observe facial expressions and listen to the tones of voices. Your senses are heightened during the course of the day and you tend to absorb more information and learn a lot about the people around you than anyone else present at the wedding. LaMar LOVES his wife with every fiber in his body, I have no doubt about this and when you meet Khabria not only can you see why, you can feel it. She is selfless, caring and nurturing and I was so honored to be present at their wedding and trusted to preserve their memories. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day.