Marsha + Michael - A 30 Year Vow Renewal at the Billingsley House Museum || Best Wedding Photographers in Washington DC and Maryland

Normally when you plan an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, you generally do not anticipate getting married in a torrential downpour. Marsha, Michael and I had talked about their beautiful venue: the grounds, the scenery, the body of water that runs through it, the old historic house. We had ideas for how their photos would turn out and all the things we would do. Come game day it's a tsunami outside, I sit in the car pondering what the mood must be like in that old historic house as the couple prep for their 2nd wedding to each other. I go in and meet with Michael who is extremely happy to see me, the last thing he is bothered about is the thousands of gallons of water falling from the sky, he's just there to have a good time and make it a special day for Marsha, himself and their closest friends and families. Next I meet with Marsha and she literally shrugs it all off, she's really just happy to be marrying Michael again and looking forward to having a good time and there folks lies the lesson. Many a times our focus is on the production, the flowers, the cake, making sure things go down without a hitch, but often forget that the true marriage is in the moments in between and in the days, months and years after the curtains come down. It was an honor to document this event and see the impact these two have made on the lives of their friends and family. Their longevity together has been a beacon of hope and a shiny example of what is possible when two people meant for each other come together and are willing to do the work to make things work. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their vow renewal.