I Spy With My Little Eye The City Of Dubai || Washington DC Wedding Photographer

As most travelers do, I like to document my vacations. It all started with Budapestwhere I documented a tiny part of my vacation on my iPhone. I later started photographing my personal life with some level of intent. There was 9hr in DC3 days in palm springs, Vacation in the Dominican Republic, the journey leading to and after my wedding and now Dubai.

When I arrived in Dubai my goal was to really explore all sides of the city beyond the obviously luxuries that we have all come to expect. I walked around of foot at all hours of the day in different types of neighborhoods and felt completely safe. I took their public transportation systems like taxi's, luxury taxi's, buses and metro and I can say that things are really organized and advanced technologically. Regardless of where I was I did not come across one beggar or homeless person and only saw one traffic cop during the 5 days I was there. The city is also very clean, even the not so rich parts are pretty decent. I got to partake in a few fun activities and see some amazing sights. I got to experience the culture, eat the foods and interact with the people. Below are a few of the photos from my trip.