Nigeria 14 years Later

So after 14 yrs of being away I finally visited Nigeria. It was kind of a knee jerk reaction to circumstances beyond my control. I wish the circumstance of my visit had been different to where I was able to explore more and take it all in. Most of my images were created in between errands or during brief downtimes. Granted I feel the nature of my visit did take me to places I typically wouldn't go which I guess exposed me to a bit more. I did manage to make a brief appearance at Gidi Culture Festival which took place at Eco Atlantic, a city in lagos being constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic ocean. I was able to visit my old high school. I was pretty shocked to see how little had changed. The conditions were just as bad as they were 14 years ago. It's interesting how immune we were to these conditions as kids though, it just felt like another daily obstacle we were able to overcome. Finally I got to spend a few minutes with a Nigerian based Photographer Bernard Kalu who really has some epic street photography of Lagos. Here are a few photos from my brief stay in Lagos.